summer haiku series: youth

From the beginning
You and me: free, safe to be
Because of their love

The smell of roses
Drifts through a weak-hinged screen door
My first memory

Ripe with bright promise
Lemonade and endless play
Lawless summer days

Since growing older
I yearn for youth’s innocence
The crimeless lilac

I’ve found this new method of composing—deliberately choosing a subject to write about instead of writing about a moment in the day, letting it come naturally—to be more difficult. It is an exercise I will continue to pursue, however. Part of combating writer’s block is writing even when you’re not inspired.

Writing about my youth made me feel sad, nostalgic, like I wasn’t quite capturing its essence. I must return to it again, refine it, explore it further; it made me who I am. But how do you capture who you are, how you were made, in a mere 17 syllables?


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