summer haiku series: youth

From the beginning
You and me: free, safe to be
Because of their love

The smell of roses
Drifts through a weak-hinged screen door
My first memory

Ripe with bright promise
Lemonade and endless play
Lawless summer days

Since growing older
I yearn for youth’s innocence
The crimeless lilac

I’ve found this new method of composing—deliberately choosing a subject to write about instead of writing about a moment in the day, letting it come naturally—to be more difficult. It is an exercise I will continue to pursue, however. Part of combating writer’s block is writing even when you’re not inspired.

Writing about my youth made me feel sad, nostalgic, like I wasn’t quite capturing its essence. I must return to it again, refine it, explore it further; it made me who I am. But how do you capture who you are, how you were made, in a mere 17 syllables?


fantasy girl

Dancing in the cold room
Eyelids heavy to
Focus on the sounds, the taste
Of thick, foamy beer; the feeling
Of you beyond yourself

You were craving newness
Lightness and sensuality
Not the kind that leaves you doubtful
And aching
But the kind that stimulates you
To write again

To create again
Delectable fantasies, connect again
With the infinite spirit
Of your imagination; with the spontaneity
Of your youth, your playfulness
Your favorite form of you